See The 2019 Toyota RAV4’s Captivating Design At Your Columbus, GA Car Dealership

June 19th, 2019 by

A Familiar Face Gets A New And Improved Look

The new and improved 2019 Toyota RAV4 brings a radically different look and feel than the previous model year. Yet, there are also several familiarities that drivers have come to love about this iconic Toyota vehicle.

The Toyota RAV4 features a sculpted, 3-dimension theme, yet boasts a soft and curvy shape that rounds out this sleek and stunning SUV. The engineering behind the improved Toyota RAV4 was put in place to create an all-new type of vehicle – one that combines SUV capabilities, supreme handling, efficient performance and more.

This is the type of innovation and resurgence of a vehicle that needs to be explored first hand, and Rivertown Toyota has you covered. Rivertown Toyota has been the Toyota dealership Columbus, GA drivers trust for years. We make sure each and every visit is a pleasant one. So, stop in to see us today!

The 2019 RAV4 Gets A Lift Where It Counts

One of the most noticeable and critical elements to the new design of the 2019 Toyota RAV4 is the “lifted” look it received. The irony in this look is that the vehicle was actually lowered by a slight margin (approximately 0.2 inches), yet the look and feel inside the cabin and behind the wheel is that of riding higher. Don’t get it confused though, there is no illusion; road clearance was actually increased half an inch over the previous style.

This look is complemented by an emphasized black lower body that flows from the side of the vehicle and runs toward the rear body upward. The wheel arches seem to hold the tires from a high position as well, which emphasizes the lifted-up body and draws attention to the vehicle’s capabilities.

A Myriad Of Colors To Illustrate This SUV Was Designed With Drivers In Mind

The Toyota RAV4 in itself is a fantastic and versatile SUV that brings a lot to the table. What drivers will find most enjoyable about the unique feel to this year’s 2019 RAV4 is that there are truly so many options – from features to trims and colors. This makes each and every vehicle feel individualized to its driver.

With up to 9 available colors – including Super White, Blizzard Pearl, Lunar Rock, Ruby Flare Pearl, Blueprint or Blue Flame – the Toyota RAV4 brings a unique taste and flavor, blended with a refined urban image.

A Geometric Design To Emphasize A Sleek Exterior

The redesigned 2019 Toyota RAV4 brings to light some of the most unique exterior designs to an SUV seen to date. Two octagons intersect at a 90-degree angle to create a wide front stance and a look of enhanced utility in the rear. The front octagon shape and bold character lines from the doors make a powerful impression.

This octagonal design continues across the rear body, yet also features trapezoidal shapes that radiate from the license plate and flows across the rear combination lamps. This cross-octagon modeling creates a unique motif and establishes the Toyota RAV4 as a standout presence that excites.

New And Improved Aerodynamics That Blend Form With Function

The aerodynamic enhancements of the Toyota RAV4 work flawlessly, even where the driver can’t readily see. This innovative SUV is more than just form; its enhanced function in the aerodynamics contributes to stability across the vehicle.

This unique SUV’s angular rear combination lamp design not only suggests enhanced stability but also compounds this effect with the new shape of the exterior door handles. At the rear of the roof sits a large spoiler and side fins that round about the aerodynamics of this inspiring vehicle from top to bottom.

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