Meet Major Savings

Meet Major Savings

Meet Major Savings

When The Major Was a Minor

Two of Major Samantha Savings’s life-long interests revealed themselves at an early age. Even as a young child, she loved playing soldier with the neighborhood kids, frequently taking a commanding position. And she also made sure that when she had her lemonade stand in the front yard on summer days, her lemonade was always priced lower than any other kid on the block.

When Sam turned 16 and got her first driver’s license, she discovered another passion – driving new Toyotas! She didn’t know it then, but her future had already been determined.

Meet Major Savings

Major Moves

Trained right here at our own Fort Benning, Sam worked her way up to Major, proudly serving her country with honor. Following her retirement from active duty, Rivertown Toyota made Major Savings a tremendous offer (something they’re very good at). They asked her to lead their team in the battle against high prices as company spokesperson.

So today, Major Savings is proud to be based out of the Rivertown Auto Mall, leading the charge to provide car shoppers throughout the Columbus area with the best car-buying experience on the planet. Not only does she take pride in offering new Toyotas at our lowest possible prices and payments; but she also brings a commitment to service that is unrivaled.

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Major Dedication To Our Community

A “major” part of that service commitment is Rivertown Toyota’s dedication to our community. This includes our efforts with Feeding the Valley Food Bank and MercyMed in Columbus. The Major also oversees our partnerships with the River Center Performing Arts Center, the Alzheimer’s Association’s Dancing with the Stars benefit and so many other great causes here in Columbus.

Let Major Savings Fight To Get You The Best Deal Possible!

When it comes to finding you the right vehicle at the right price, come see Major Savings. Put her in command of your car-buying experience today and let her lead you to victory in the new car, truck or SUV you deserve.

Like everyone here at Rivertown Toyota, she’s proud to serve you!