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Amazon Alexa Is Now Available On Toyota Models Near Columbus, GA

Amazon Alexa is now featured in Toyota Models available at Rivertown Toyota in Columbus, GA.

Compatible Toyota Models

Amazon Alexa is now an available option on several new Toyota models. The models that have Toyota's Entune™ 3.0 App Suite infotainment system will also offer Amazon Alexa.

Visit the Rivertown Toyota dealership today and test-drive the Toyota models that have the Entune 3.0 system.

Bringing Unique Capability To Toyota

Toyota models are already known for their fuel economy and reliability. Toyota is also dedicated to offering cutting-edge technology in their vehicles. Both Toyota and its sister brand Lexus offer Amazon Alexa on several of their models. Few other manufacturers offer Alexa on any of their vehicles. If you are looking for a practical and reliable vehicle that'll also let you try out new tech, Toyota has got you covered.

Come to Rivertown Toyota today in the Rivertown auto mall and check out models equipped with Amazon Alexa.

Infotainment Functions Of The Amazon Alexa

As you might expect, the Amazon Alexa can be used to control your Toyota's infotainment functions. You can order up your favorite song or artist with a spoken command. You don't have to take your eyes off of the road or your hands off of the steering wheel. You can also use the Amazon Alexa's capabilities to get an up to date weather report and information about businesses you are driving by. The Alexa app can also be used to control compatible GPS navigation systems.

If you're in Columbus, GA, LaGrange, GA, or Auburn-Opelika, AL try out the automotive infotainment functions of the Amazon Alexa at Rivertown Toyota today.

Amazon Alexa is now featured in Toyota models available at our Rivertown Toyota
dealership in Columbus, GA.

Using Alexa For Remote Functions

One largely undiscovered benefit of having Amazon Alexa in your Toyota is the ability to control remote functions. If you link another Alexa device to the Alexa in your car, you can start the engine, unlock the doors, turn on the headlights and more. You can even turn on the alarm if necessary. There may be even more remote functions in the future as the connection between Toyota models and the Amazon Alexa continues to grow.

Check out the remote functions of the Amazon Alexa at Rivertown Toyota today.

Smart Home Capabilities

There are many smart home devices that are compatible with the Alexa. If you have Alexa in your Toyota, you can control these devices from the comfort of your car. For example, you can open garage doors that have a compatible opener. You can also control the lights and climate control in your house.

If you're looking for an advanced Toyota at Columbus, GA car dealerships, come to Rivertown Toyota today.