What is the Toyota STAR™ Safety System?

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 Toyota vehicles using the STAR safety system

What is the Toyota STAR™ Safety System?

An Elevated Suite of Standard Safety Solutions

Safety of drivers, passengers, and others on the road is the top priority of automakers like Toyota. Varying weather conditions, on-road or interior distractions are leading causes of several collisions and vehicle accidents. To combat this growing trend, Toyota offers the STAR™ Safety System, a suite of six-standard driver-assisted and active safety features.

Previously offered in select Toyota models and trim levels, for 2020 it’s now standard through the line-up. The six-pack of safety systems helps keep drivers, passengers, and others sharing the road safer. There is a lot to love about the Toyota STAR™ Safety System, which you can discover for yourself at our car dealership in Columbus.

Let’s take a closer look at six unique driver-assisted technology inclusions with Toyota’s Star™ Safety System suite.

Introducing the 2020 Toyota STAR™ Safety System

The STAR™ Safety System is engineered to help drivers avoid collisions or maintain control during certain driving conditions. The package consists of six individual solutions that work in conjunction to help reduce the potential of brake skidding, maintain control on poor road conditions, enhance driver and vehicle reaction time, and give peace of mind for occupants to be safe and secure. For 2020, it’s available on all models except for the Toyota Yaris iA.

Vehicle Stability Control

The first of the STAR™ Safety Systems is Toyota’s Vehicle Stability Control or VSC system, which has been developed to help prevent your vehicle from slipping sideways.The days of making a turn at speeds too high that lead to tires spinning and losing control are long gone. This feature helps to control wheel speed while you’re navigating a corner or turn.

Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control

Enhanced Vehicle Stability Control (EVSC) works in conjunction with the primary Vehicle Stability Control system. It impacts control of your Toyota’s power steering ECU assembly, and provides steering assistance input. EVSC supplies assist in accordance with the operating conditions the vehicle is experiencing.

Traction Control

The traction control system has been a staple with many Toyota’s in recent years. With each new model year, the traction control system continues to evolve. For 2020, traction control receives minor enhancements that improves acceleration on slippery surfaces such as icy or wet roads.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Stopping power under emergency situations with reduced potential of skidding is made possible thanks to the anti-lock braking system. Anytime you need to press the brakes aggressively due to an unexpected obstruction on the road, a quick changing traffic signal, or other on-road situation, you can feel confident that your Toyota will come to a safe stop.

Electronic Brake Distribution

While front brake pads typically wear quicker than the rear, all four are used to safely stop your vehicle. The Electronic Brake Distribution allocates brake pressure to front and rear brakes based on the driving or stopping conditions. When you brake while making a turn, this system regulates brake pressure to individual wheels for improved stopping efficiency.

Brake Assist

In the event you must slam on the brakes, the Brake Assist will add additional force to the brake system, which allows you to stop quicker. It works together with the anti-lock braking system to reduce the potential of vehicle skidding.

Visit Our Toyota Dealership Today

Toyota continues to elevate its safety record. In fact, most of their vehicles receive the highest marks for vehicle safety by the IIHS. Visit our car dealership in Columbus to learn more about the STAR™ Safety System offered across most of the 2020 line-up.

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